2 commenti su “FreeBSD 10.0 bhyve – VMWare ESXi 5.5 comparison – part 2

  1. As yet again, other interesting article. you will excuse me the comments…there are obvious advantages in performance in comparing a filesystem with transactions to one without, however, remember you pay a price in possible data corruption lest a big problem occur. Obviously in any benchmark, UFS will be faster for raw operations, as without the transaction operations each write involves dealing with much less operations in disck, unless you start dealing with lots of files, due to the nature of ZFS, I suspect.

    As for the linux test, the latest kernels let you paravirtualize the disks even without vm-tools installed, and that should make the numbers more interesting. I have no idea at all if the latest FreeBSD Kernels also support paravirtualization of disks under VmWare tough. I wont leave here my email address in text for obvious reasons, however as a means of contact I will leave my linked in page. I am also very interested in starting exploring a bit more of FreeBSD as I haven´t used it quite for a while.


    Rui Ribeiro


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