3 commenti su “FreeBSD 10.0 BHyVe – VMWare ESXi 5.5 comparison

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  2. The concept of two CPUs being slower the one compiling is quite easy to understand. As your bottleneck are slow disks, the more processes you have writing in the them, the more contention you have. Many of my strategies to get more processing power and less I/O of my virtual infra-structure revolve around not writing to disks in first place. Nice article, regards

    • Likewise by the same token, this very same very /O management explains why bhyve wasnt able to complete the transaction. VMWare works better in the shades to distribute evenly the resources and the contention (and caches too). I have to explore bhyve a little bit more, but beware you may be comparing too different beasts at all, one in paravirtualization and another one in emulation. Regards, Rui Ribeiro/ISCTE


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