FreeBSD 10.0 BHyVe – VMWare ESXi 5.5 comparison

Hey, I wrote a “part 2” to this article, you may want to check it out!


recently FreeBSD10 has come out and one of the most intresting new features was the introduction of bhyve, a “type 2 hypervisor” that allow you to easily create a Virtual Machine inside of a FreeBSD Host.

As with every new technology, it is yet very rough, but the first “driving” experience was very good. Recently we had a new project starting, some new hardware still unused and in general I’m not very fond of VMWare so we decided to do a comparison between VMWare and bhyve to understand what would be the real performance downfall of using a new technology.

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Casa nuova, vita nuova

Ok, ci siamo spostati. Alla fine la pigrizia ha preso il sopravvento ed ho deciso di spostarmi direttamente su, in modo da non dovermi sbattere a mantenere aggiornato WordPress su un mio server 😉

Ora i prossimi focus sono:

  • Rilasciare MySQLfs 0.4.2
  • Organizzare la tournée in Germania per gli Antistamina
  • Finire di registrare i nuovi pezzi degli Antistamina! 🙂
  • Riprendere (finalmente) in mano il progetto Cupido

Cosette semplici come sempre. Intanto tra pochi giorni parto per una settimana a Groningen!


MySQLfs 0.4.1

Hello everybody.

I’m pleased to announce the release 0.4.1 of MySQLfs. This is the first new official version after a long inactivity so please handle it with care. Furthermore this is my first release so, although I have double checked everything, yet I may have done some tremendous mistake.

These are main improvements in this version:

  • InnoDB usage instead of MyISAM
  • Basic transaction support
  • Upgrade to FUSE API 2.6
  • Enabled support for “big_writes” to speed up FS operations
  • New datablock size
  • FreeBSD (FUSE4BSD) support “out-of-the-box”
  • Support for new FUSE 2.6 API functions:
    • fuse::create – create a file
    • fuse::statfs – returns stats about file system usage (needed for df and such)
    • corrected used block count (needed for du and such)
  • Fixed command line issues: now you can use -obig_writes, -oallow_other (to allow other users to read the mounted filesystem) and -odefault_permissions (which, per this version, is mandatory when using mysqlfs under FreeBSD)

Please note that this is not a production-ready version (yet), but I ask you to test it wildly and please report all the issues that you may have. I’ll try to fix them.

You can download the package here: mysqlfs-0.4.1.tar (232kb).


If your plan is to upgrade from a previous installation my suggestion is to compile the new version alongside the old one, create a new, separated FS, mount the new FS and then copying the datas from the old FS to the new one.

If you really need to do a live upgrade of an 0.4.0 database please take a look at the (unrecommended and incomplete!) upgrade script in the sql subdir.


To install mysqlfs just make sure you have installed fuse and all it’s libs, plus mysql and all his devel libraries, unpack the tar.gz and just run

make install (as root)

Then create a database with proper permissions and use the file schema.sql in the sql dir to create the database definitions.

Run mysqlfs –help to see al the available options.

You’re done. Have fun.